Zolon is a rapidly growing company in IT and management consulting. We are dedicated to finding individuals who are honest, energetic, and enthusiastic. Our philosophy instills in us the belief that every Zolon team member can make a difference, furthering our exceptional services. At Zolon, we believe in individual growth while also fostering a cohesive group environment. When we approach a problem, we do so as a team. Together, we reach a mutually agreed upon goal. Thus, the ability to participate in teamwork is an integral part of one’s time at Zolon. Zolon offers numerous benefits including paid time off, 401k, health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, supplemental insurance, and life insurance. For more details, see the benefits section of our website. Zolon provides a close knit and productive atmosphere for you to thrive in. If you are interested in exploring opportunities at Zolon, please see the “Current Openings” section listed above.