Emerging Technology

The Zolon Tech Advantage

For many organizations, the gap between technology innovation and enterprise operations has always been difficult to close. Emerging technologies, while promising tantalizing benefits, often seems to risky for use in mission-critical environments. Zolon Tech bridges that gap.

Our unique approach to implementing emerging technologies starts with our investment in our Centers of Excellence (COE), centered around existing programs and key technology areas:

Fostering Breakthrough Innovation

To foster innovation for our customers, Zolon Tech invests in building new capabilities in key technical research and development areas, bringing the successful outcomes together in an array of integrated emerging technology solutions platforms. This ambitious initiative, carried out by our COE, comes at no additional cost; it is embodied in our corporate operating model.

The COE harness the creativity of our unique and talented people, our passionate clients, the world’s top innovation enthusiasts, and industry-leading product companies through six critical initiatives:



A Process for Innovation

Our COE follows a comprehensive innovation process that evaluate a variety of emerging technologies to identify areas of continuous service improvement and how they might benefit our customer’s programs and mission. We summarize our COE innovation steps as follows:


Our Venture Partners

Some of the most innovative ideas are coming out of organizations that have deep subject matter expertise, but not deep pockets. At Zolon Tech, we are committed to investing in innovation—in providing venture capital to companies that have the potential to addressing the government’s most pressing problems.



Deep Insights into the IT Stack

Its microservices platform, combined with machine-learning, provides in-depth management and governance of the entire IT stack—a key capability when it comes to modernizing the infrastructure.

Our Technology Partners

Zolon Tech has formed alliances with a wide array of enterprise IT vendors, giving us access to leading technologies that can be integrated into new strategies and solutions.

AI Technology Partners

Zolon Tech partners with innovative companies to develop AI-based approaches to address critical issues in IT management and security.

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