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Composable Architecture

Fostering Breakthrough Innovation

Zolon’s composable technology architecture embraces modularity and integration based on future-state capability models by working with technology partners and government leaders.

Most Federal agencies struggle to meet accelerated demands and opportunities due to fixed, siloed operational approaches. But leading agencies apply the principles of composability to break this mold. Successful government CIOs implement modularity and modern design principles to enable this transition.

  • Improved efficiency: Streamline processes and reduce the need for manual interventions, resulting in more efficient and effective operation.
  • Enhanced flexibility: Combine and reconfigure components as needed, enabling the government to adapt and respond to changing needs, regulations, and circumstances.
  • Increased transparency: Track and understand the flow of information and resources, leading to increased transparency and accountability.
  • Greater innovation: Incorporate new technologies and approaches into systems, fostering a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Facilitate greater collaboration and coordination between different Federal agencies and stakeholders, leading to more integrated and effective public services.

By 2024, over 25% of government RFPs for mission-critical IT systems will require solutions​ architecture and variable licensing that support a composable design approach. (Gartner)