Next-Generation IT Operations

Virtualization, automation, and related solutions are transforming the operations and management of the data center, eliminating inefficiencies and providing greater visibility into data center resources.


A New Generation of Technologies

Organizations that are not modernizing their data centers are doing themselves a disservice.

In the past, IT leaders had to accept a certain amount of inefficiency—unused capacity, high energy costs, wasted floor space, and poor asset visibility. It was all seen as the cost of the complexity of the data center environment. But that is no longer the case. A new generation of technologies are transforming the management of the IT infrastructure, providing greater visibility into operations, and more granular management of data center resources.


Zolon Solutions Area

Zolon Tech helps its clients transition to a modern enterprise, with a focus on consolidation, virtualization, automation, and business continuity. Our Data Center Services include:

Strategically identify business applications across an organization to determine which ones should be kept, replaced, retired or consolidated in an effort to improve performance.

Zolon Tech determines how efficient your data center runs and sees where improvements can be made, or moved to another center altogether.

Zolon Tech identifies potential vulnerabilities inside an enterprise and develops a remediation and mitigation plan to eliminate them. This process includes risk and threat modeling to see the potential impacts these vulnerabilities have.

Zolon Tech can run the day-to-day operations of your data center while troubleshooting issues that emerge so you can focus on your mission.

Bad things sometimes happen. With disaster recovery Zolon Tech ensures agency data remains backed up and safe at all times.

Zolon Tech ensures that your data center uses power and water efficiently, not only to save you money but help the environment as well.

Data centers need strong connections to the outside world. Zolon Tech ensures your data center has the networking capabilities you need to access data whenever you need it.

For IT operations to be effective, they must be aligned with an organized strategic goals and business investment plans. Zolon Tech will work with you to develop and execute an enterprise architecture that improves the management and performance of your operations—and provides a path to the future.

Zolon Tech brings expertise in both the disciplines and systems needed to manage the business side of the house, from modeling and reengineering financial management processes to developing financial management dashboards.


The Zolon Tech Advantage

Zolon Tech brings a disciplined approach to data center modernization. We identify inefficiencies in the legacy environment and seamlessly incorporate new tools and technologies that help our clients achieve 100% asset management, reduce overhead and waste, and raise the bar on performance. Zolon Tech delivers:

Consolidation And Integration

We Address Inefficiencies And Save Energy, Space, And Labor While Improving Operations And Asset Use.

Standardization And Optimization

We Improve The Manageability And Performance Of IT Operations Through The Use Of A Common Set Of Advanced Tools And Tactics.

Simplification And Automation

We Streamline The Workforce, Management Processes, And Technology To Transform Your Infrastructure—Right-Sizing Capacity, Tightening Efficiency, And Strengthening Resilience.

Virtual Security

We Ensure Agency Data Remains Backed Up And Secure Through Separation And Isolation Of Applications, Databases And Web Services.


“Agencies shall replace manual collections and reporting of systems, software and hardware inventory housed within data centers with automated monitoring and infrastructure management tools.”

Source: Data Center Consolidation Initiative (DCOI)

Agile Approach

The Agile Data Center

The legacy-style data center—labor-intensive, inefficient, slow to change—won’t cut in today’s IT environment. Rather than simply replacing old systems, organizations need to streamline their operations and create a more agile approach to managing and evolving their core IT infrastructure. With our expertise in cloud, virtualization, AI-driven automation, and related technologies, we help organizations transform their legacy data centers into platforms for innovation.

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