Low Code / No Code Development

The future of building complex applications can actually be simpler than ever before

Codeless Evolution

Abstraction and
The Code Chasm

Code platforms have made it easier for developers to handle data and create applications through the years. Through abstraction, programming languages have been designed to handle more data and memory management independently, mitigating developers’ responsibility to do it themselves. From Assembly to C++ to Python to various programming frameworks, developers have to manage fewer responsibilities, with a lot of the data management being hidden, or abstracted, from the programmer. Eventually, platforms will be completely abstracted, with the developer having to manage little to no data/memory themselves. This is where codeless architecture comes in.

Smooth Deployment

Intuitive Drag-and-Tools

LCNC can make application development smoother than ever before

For those looking for a quicker and smoother deployment process of applications, LCNC solutions might be what you are looking for. LCNC solutions provide intuitive drag-and-tools that can enable developers to make applications faster and allow them to be released sooner, all with writing little to no code at all. Due to the ease of this process, even non-technical users can develop and contribute to the LCNC solutions.


The Zolon Tech Advantage

The simplicity and flexibility of implementing LCNC solutions into applications have a wide range of benefits, including:

Increased Productivity

The reduction/elimination of complex code that can only be understood with technical expertise means that users of varying technical backgrounds can collaborate on developing these applications, leading to faster delivery of services.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Reducing reliance on manual coding saves time and reduces the cost associated with application development. Additionally, LCNC platforms typically include built-in features for security and compliance, ensuring that organizations can confidently rely on these solutions without compromising on data protection and regulatory adherence.

Scalability & Flexibility

Due to the ease of use and modification, LCNC enables faster iteration and deployment of applications, allowing agencies to respond to changing needs and requirements more effectively, as well as implementing new features much quicker.

Speed to Market

Through increased productivity and ease of use, LCNC architecture significantly reduces the development time of applications, allowing teams to deploy news apps/features much faster than others who don’t use LCNC solutions.

Unqork and Zolon

ZolonTech has partnered with Unqork to develop and promote the use of LCNC and codeless solutions. With Unqork’s tools for a codeless platform, businesses can develop applications far more efficiently while also knowing that their applications are secure and scalable. Here are some of the benefits of Unqork’s codeless platform:


Speed to market


Productivity Increase


Lower TCO


Fewer Bugs

Past Performances

Zolon Contribution