Agile & DevSecOps

Seamlessly blending security and development, enabling continuous delivery while safeguarding your digital assets throughout the development lifecycle.


Modernization won’t be engineered using legacy development methods.

The waterfall-style software development life cycle has its place, but organizations looking to spin out services quickly to meet new requirements—or to use new methods to solve old problems—need a different approach. It’s not just a matter of speed. An iterative life cycle provides more opportunity to get feedback from key stakeholders, increasing the odds that the final product addresses organizational and end-user requirements—and avoids unanticipated fixes that can drive up the final development costs and result in lengthy delays in deployment. And security cannot be treated as an afterthought, a compliance check made at the end of the development life cycle resulting in delays and additional costs.


Our Solution Areas

Zolon Tech integrates Agile methodology and Secure DevOps (DevSecOps) tools and processes to help organizations accelerate their adoption of innovative systems and services. Our solution areas include:

Zolon Tech continually works on software so it is adaptive to the needs an organization has at that moment. As needs change so does the software.

Zolon Tech leverages agile modeling best practices to ensure that all projects can follow the agile methodology to achieve greater results.

The agile unified process is a simple, easy to understand approach to developing business application software using agile techniques and concepts.

Extreme programming is another software methodology intended to improve software quality and responsive to changing customer requirements.

Daily code commit is a way to replicate and automatically synch-up a repository for data, ensuring that all information gets routinely saved.

Continuous Integration is a way to help build quality, security, and regulatory compliance. In agile development, Continuous Integration, or CI, asks developers to merge code changes into the central code repository often and consistently


The Zolon Tech Advantage

At Zolon Tech, we understand that our clients cannot afford to prioritize innovation at the expense of quality or security. Organizations benefit from the adoption of Agile and DevOps only if the result is code that meets enterprise standards—something that many development shops have struggled to address. Our approach, based on DevSecOps, bridges that gap. Zolon Tech delivers:


We can deliver or update software quickly to meet changing requirements without compromising on quality or stability.

Stakeholder Engagement

Our processes emphasize open collaboration and between development and user teams and fast and frequent feedback from end-users, resulting in systems that deliver the anticipated benefits.


Our reliance on automation reduces the risk of error, reduces costs, and improves the overall quality of the code.

A Security Mindset

Rather than treating security as one requirement among many, we integrate security into the full DevOps pipeline, so that security requirements are baked into systems, and not addressed as an afterthought, avoiding costly security fixes late in the process.


“DevSecOps provides security practitioners with the ability to script and monitor security controls at a much larger and more dynamic scale than traditional in-house data centers.”

Source: SANS Institute

In its early years, DevOps was seen by many enterprise organization as a risky concept, with the drive to develop new services coming at the expense of security. DevSecOps changes that equation. Rather than leaving the development process more prone to security problems, DevSecOps makes security requirements an integral part of the development process from start to finish—as such, a vast improvement over older development models, in which security often is treated as an after-thought.Source: SANS Institute

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