Cyber Security

We are developing a new generation of cyber solutions, drawing on recent advances in such fields as machine learning and predictive analytics to identify unknown emerging threats in real time.

The evolving cyber threat environment requires a multi-pronged cyber strategy.

Zolon Tech takes an adaptive approach to defending networks and systems, but one that also assumes that the best defenses are bound to fail. The key is visibility. Rather than just watching the perimeters, cyber experts need insight into activity within their networks, so that they can detect and mitigate potential threats before damage is done. And it’s not enough to rely on intelligence about known cyber threats. Organizations need the ability to detect activity that might represent an unknown threat.


Our Solution Areas

Zolon Tech provides clients with a deep understanding of their IT environment, with a suite of services and tools that address the full cyber lifecycle. Our solutions include:

Audit, Assessment, and Trend Analysis

Zolon Tech evaluates your organization to see the current effectiveness of cybersecurity processes and activity, along with information on current cybersecurity trends in the marketplace.

Incident and Intrusions Detection and Response

IDS analyzes the patterns of network traffic and compares critical files to previous versions to spot changes. It does this with deep analysis of the packets that make up network traffic to spot suspicious activity, along with the tools to stop it.

Behavioral Analysis

Zolon Tech uses software to detect patterns of data transmission in a network that are out of the norm to spot unusual behavior. Our system then alerts IT managers who can further investigate the behavior for signs of a cyberattack.

Vulnerability Management

Zolon Tech identifies potential vulnerabilities inside an enterprise and develop a remediation and mitigation plan to eliminate them. This process includes risk and threat modeling to see the potential impacts these vulnerabilities have.

Common Threats

Common Cybersecurity Threats

An advanced persistent threat is a type of cyberattack where intruders gain access to a computer network without the owner knowing, usually with the intent of stealing data

A distributed denial of service is a type of cyberattack that aims to overload a server by flooding it with traffic, causing it to cease normal functionality

An insider attack is a type of cyberattack directed by someone with authorized access, which could be a former or current employee

Malware is a type of software that provides unauthorized access to a computer with the intent of damaging it

A man in the middle attack is a type of cyberattack where an intruder intercepts and relays sensitive information in order to eavesdrop and steal data.

A phishing attack is a type of cyberattack where attackers send emails or other messages with the intent to steal sensitive or personal information

Ransomware is a type of cyberattack where an intruder installs malware that denies or locks down access to files with the intent to demand money from the victim for re-access to the files.


The Zolon Tech Advantage

Zolon Tech is pushing the limits of cybersecurity. Our Cybersecurity Center of Excellence explores new tools and techniques for providing clients with greater cyber intelligence—not only gathering network data to provide better situational awareness but also preparing them for the emergence of new threats. Our solutions combine cutting-edge technology, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, with mature cybersecurity practices, to create a cyber immune system that evolves as the threat evolves. Zolon Tech delivers:

End-to-end visibility

We provide continuous insights into what is really happening on the network, so our customers can better measure, manage and secure their infrastructures.

Predictive analytics

Our tools help customers transform information from their networks into accurate insights, so that the right actions can be taken before an incident occurs.

Advanced threat protection

Our intelligence-driven tools make it possible to defend systems against unknown and emerging threats that would be missed by traditional signature-based tools.

Intelligence insights

We apply contextual intelligence to stay ahead of evolving threats.


The Cyber Immune System

“The time to act is now. As a Nation, we need to move past simply studying our cybersecurity challenges and begin taking meaningful steps to improve our cybersecurity to prevent a major debilitating cyber attack.”

Source: The National Infrastructure Advisory Council
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