Big Data & Data Analytics

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Data Cleansing

At Zolon, our analysts facilitate the data cleansing process using AI paired with a variety of other technologies. Zolon will ensure that your data is clean: free of outliers, duplicate entries, inconsistencies, missing values and more. By addressing all these issues, Zolon will greatly improve the quality of your data and ensure that you are making the best informed decisions with reliable, accurate and complete data.

Data Analysis

Using AI powered technology and algorithms, Zolon revolutionizes how companies conduct data analysis and derive insights from their data. Zolon leverages the power of its technology to automate repetitive tasks in data analysis, identify patterns and anomalies in large data sets, and create predictive models. We sweep through data mounds to find the most consistent and prominent trends to relay pertinent information to clients.

Driving Innovation

Our groundbreaking solutions unleash the power of big data and empower insights to drive innovation. We uncover hidden insights by proposing solutions which bolster smarter decisions.


Zolon Can Explain Every Statistic.

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Zolon monitors news databases and correspondingly develops algorithms which render information based on key-word relevance and frequency.

We use clustering and segmentation to assemble data sets helping customers receive targeted and precise recommendations.

We use data lakes to provide a cost-effective and scalable solution used for business intelligence, analytics, and machine learning.

Zolon uses advanced machine learning software to mine and categorize based on client needs and project requirements.

Zolon builds algorithms to process big data via data engineering, machine learning, and software development. Languages such as Python, R, and Scala are used to compile and analyze material. 

Solution areas include but are not limited to classification, regression, association and set mining, and neural networks.

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