Artificial Intelligence:
The New Generation

Automation has limits. AI is limitless.


Smoother Navigation

We use AI to streamline navigation on your website and enhance the overall user experience.

Zolon’s bot can answer questions regarding company feats and site content overall enhancing the website navigation experience. Leveraging AI, we can make a bot for you to simplify navigation on your site. Check out the bot in the bottom right corner, try asking “What does Zolon provide for the Library of Congress?”!


Improved Efficiency

We use AI to ensure timeliness by automating repetitive tasks, thus allowing you to focus on higher-value tasks. Zolon harnesses AI technology to enable efficient data cleaning by automating error detection and correcting processes. Through advanced algorithms, AI systems can identify and rectify inconsistencies, outliers, and missing values, ensuring cleaner and more reliable datasets.


Our Groundbreaking Solutions Accelerate Modernization For Government Agencies And Elevate Citizen Engagement To New Heights.


Your Company,
Our Solutions

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Zolon uses AI to facilitate project development while adhering to customer-set procedures to improve efficiency and the overall user experience. By integrating Agile methodology and Secure DevOps, Zolon Tech Inc. maintains a spot as an industry leader by using promising technology to provide the most relevant solution with upholding security standards.

The Zolon Tech team enables human and machine feedback to affect timely adjustments of resources arranged for workflows to optimize mission value. The machine learning pattern enables extensible monitoring of events parameters within a customizable business analytic framework. 

Zolon leverages AI to reduce human management of web content and to streamline content processes for delivering high-quality, compliant and timely information to meet the needs of its audience.

Zolon Tech doesn’t rely solely on Artificial Intelligence technology. While AI is a useful and important tool, experts at Zolon are constantly reviewing and assessing whether the content meets necessary guidelines.

We use AI to analyze the content performance and provide insights for optimization to help managers make data-driven decisions. We also scan media platforms to respond/update content in a timely manner to deliver accurate information to the audience.

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