Agile Development for VA NACCM

The Zolon Tech Advantage

Designed, developed and maintaining the National Acquisition Center Contracts Management System (NACCM), a Windows-based and web-enabled applications predicated on MS Visual Studio .Net, with emphasis on VB. Net and the .Net Framework.

Zolon Tech executes implementation plans relating to new or enhanced applications, created all front-end reporting types, developed and customized application software programs, performed testing and debugged newly developed applications, and maintained software modules and an effective reusable software library.

Zolon Tech provided modernization and enhancements to NACCM, using Agile development techniques, including rapid prototyping, to transform legacy applications to a .NET framework.

Contract Number:
797G67016 / VA797T-13-F-0046

Contract Period:

03/31/2005 to 03/30/2018

Contract Value: