DOJ: Service Desk and Incidental Information Technology (IT) Support Services BPA

Department of Justice (DOJ)

Contract Vehicle: BPA

The DOJ: Service Desk and Incidental IT Support Services BPA is an agreement established by the Department of Justice for IT support. It covers services like help desk support, incident management, and technical assistance. The BPA streamlines procurement by pre-selecting qualified vendors and negotiating terms in advance.

The DOJ has set up a BPA specifically for service desk support and related IT services. These services typically include:

  • Help desk support for troubleshooting and resolving IT-related issues.
  • Incident management, including ticketing and tracking of IT support requests.
  • Remote technical assistance for software, hardware, and network problems.
  • User account management and access control.
  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance of IT equipment and software.
  • Documentation and reporting related to IT support activities.

By establishing a BPA, the DOJ can streamline the procurement process for these services by pre-selecting qualified vendors and negotiating terms and pricing in advance. This allows DOJ components to efficiently procure necessary IT support services as needed while maintaining compliance with procurement regulations and maximizing cost-effectiveness.

Contract Number:
Period of Performance:
11/17/2023 – 11/19/2033