DIA Intelligence Community Data Layer

The Zolon Tech Advantage

Zolon Tech provided a comprehensive range of IT services for ICDL, including monitoring, maintaining, performing system backup and recovery, patching, IA compliance, configuration management, implementing new data sources and web services, transitioning from physical to virtual, daily customer support, testing (component, interface, and system level patches/releases), and other services as required to maintain the production systems in an optimal and highly available condition on multiple domains.

Zolon Tech also developed and maintained 20+ interfaces with Intelligence Community (IC) data providers and consumers; where, we provided routines to Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) meta-data; ensuring meta-data compatibility with other IC systems through compliance with XML standards including IC-PUBs, IC-MSP, and DDMS.

Contract Number:

HHM402-12-C-0163 (FY12/13);
HHM402-11-C-0112 (FY 11/12)

Contract Period:

07/11/11 to 07/10/12 (Base);
09/27/2012 to 09/26/2013 (2nd Year)

Contract Value: