Zolon Tech’s Centers of Excellence are dedicated to advancing the understanding of new and emerging technologies and their potential impact on how government agencies and other large organizations manage their operations and carry out their missions

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Agile Development Lifecyle

Zolon Tech provides deeply skilled agile teams for software development using SAFe, Extreme Programming, Scrum and other tested agile methods.


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Why Zolon Tech

Zolon Tech provides federal and commercial customers with IT and managed services, integrating innovation solution that meet the most demanding requirements.


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Uncompromised Defense Using Machine Learning

As digital transformation takes hold and agencies increasingly define their digital capabilities and information, cybersecurity strategy must be given equal footing as a mission priority. Discover how an intelligence automated system can update on its own and fight back.



Emerging Technology

For many organizations, the gap between technology innovation and enterprise operations has always been difficult to close. Emerging technologies, while promising tantalizing benefits, often seems to risky for use in mission-critical environments. Zolon Tech bridges that gap.

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