CareFirst – Blue Cross Blue Shield

Zolon Enhances Support for Federal Employees at CareFirst

Zolon is honored to strengthen its partnership with CareFirst, specifically focusing on the Federal Employees Program (FEP) to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. With our expertise spanning 50 systems and supporting 4,800 employees dedicated to serving three million CareFirst health insurance policyholders, including federal government employees, we have adopted Agile methodologies and DevOps processes to elevate productivity and oversee 88 resources across three key CareFirst locations.

Our team has spearheaded the customization of the Salesforce platform, delivering bespoke solutions that not only meet project objectives and client requirements but also cater specifically to the unique needs of federal employees. Our successful integration of Salesforce with external systems and maintenance of 3rd party custom objects have utilized advanced technologies such as Apex, VisualForce, Lightning Components, and SFDC APIs.

Employing our robust Dev Sec Ops processes, we have utilized the Lightning Component Framework, Salesforce Lightning Design System, and jQuery to ensure the security and efficiency of CareFirst’s systems, emphasizing our commitment to supporting federal government employees.

At Zolon, our dedication to CareFirst’s success reflects in our efforts to optimize their operations and provide outstanding value to their federal employees, ensuring they receive the highest standard of service in health insurance management.


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