Department of State/Diplomatic Security Service

Zolon working with State Department Transforms Global Embassy Operations with Innovative Applications

Zolon developed and maintained workflow-driven administrative applications used across 280 US embassies worldwide. ZTI utilized OpenText to develop and maintain a range of OpenText applications including Cyber Security Processing Application (CSPA), DS Business Process Management System (DS BPMS), Enterprise Application Request System (DS EARS), DS Post Applicant Submission System (DS PASS), Electronic Access Request System (EARS), High-Threat Integrated Tracking System (HITS), Information Security Management System/ Classification Process (ISMS/SRTS), Post Emergency Guidance and Authoring System (PEGASYS), Protective Office Liaison Case Tracking System (POLCATS), Purchase Request and Ordering Process System (PROPS), Recruitment Tracking for Agents (Recruit), and System Administration Application (SAA).

Through our work, we’ve helped improve security, streamline processes, and ensure smooth operations for the US government.