Defense Intelligence Agency/Intelligence Community Data Layer

Zolon has a proven track record of excellence in supporting the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) with innovative solutions and superior service delivery. As part of our past performance, Zolon successfully managed the Intelligence Community Data Layer (ICDL) operations, providing critical IT Tier 3 Services to ensure the optimal performance and high availability of systems on the JWICS and SPIRnet networks.

Our performance-based management established a robust management system that directed daily operations, utilized metrics to measure Return on Investment (ROI), and provided insight into management and cost controls.

Zolon offered a comprehensive range of IT systems and operational services, including continuity of operations (COOP) planning, backups, recoveries, system restoration, and ongoing support for ICDL servers. Our team ensured that the ICDL system remained available and operated at peak performance levels.

Zolon also provided core on-site O&M personnel, including 24×7 support with a one-hour response time, and supported system outage windows for scheduled events based on approved customer requirements, minimizing disruptions and ensuring continuity of operations.

Furthermore, Zolon supported the deployment of new ICDL releases that obtained Certification to Field (CtF) via CTA, ensuring a seamless rollout and monitoring for changes in functionality. Our team also produced necessary documentation for operations and maintenance, triage support, administration guides, and deployment guides, supporting the DIA in all aspects of the ICDL operations.


24×7 IT support