In collaboration with Zolon, the Defense Media Activity Web Enterprise Business ( successfully executed a wide range of operational activities. Zolon provided professional labor services and associated commodities, including training, migration operations, infrastructure operations, software development and maintenance, creative services, program management, security, analysis, support to service desk operations, 24/7 technical support, and transition for over 1,000+ DoD websites. This effort encompassed a high-performance, world-wide content distribution network (CDN), as well as commodity support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure Cloud. The contract extended its support to DMA and its customers, ensuring a seamless web enterprise experience.

The primary objectives of were to provide public web hosting and integrated services to all DOD components. Zolon’s contract offered a core service of standard website hosting, along with a menu of optional services tailored to the unique public information communication objectives of federal and Department of Defense units. Furthermore, the program provided a range of optional services that website owners could opt into, including creative services, content creation, search engine optimization services, email subscription services, sentiment analysis services, news clipping services, customer satisfaction surveys, and other essential services as needed.

Throughout the collaboration, Zolon demonstrated its commitment to enhancing’s capabilities, empowering DOD components to optimize their public information communication efforts efficiently and effectively. The successful partnership allowed for seamless web hosting and integrated services, ensuring that the mission-critical objectives of DMA and its customers were met with excellence.


Website Development
Infrastructure management
Help Desk support 24×7
Web hosting: Akamai
Information Security