Health and Human Services/Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health

Zolon Revolutionizes PHS Operations with Unqork’s No-Code Platform

Zolon is proud to partner with the Public Health Service (PHS) to revolutionize their business processes using Unqork’s powerful No-Code Platform. Our dedicated team is actively developing innovative business applications to unify, centralize, and replace outdated systems, such as Peoplesoft, Sharepoint, Access, and Excel, currently used by the Readiness and Deployment Branch.

By leveraging Unqork’s platform, Zolon is enabling PHS to overcome the limitations of traditional coding approaches. Our no-code solution eliminates the need for complex coding, allowing PHS to move faster, reduce costs, and minimize errors throughout the Software Development Lifecycle.

The new system developed by Zolon enables PHS to seamlessly ingest new missions, evaluate officer readiness, and efficiently assign officers for deployment. Real-time tracking and communication with deployed officers enhance situational awareness and coordination during national emergency incidents.

With our deep understanding of PHS’s challenges and our expertise in utilizing Unqork’s capabilities, Zolon is confident in our ability to drive significant improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and overall operational performance for PHS.


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