Health Resources and Services Administration

Zolon Empowering HRSA with Uninterrupted Network Operations Support

Zolon is proud to partner with the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), providing seamless Tier II and III Network Operations and Maintenance Support 24x7x365. Our dedicated team ensures that HRSA’s network runs at peak performance, delivering uninterrupted service to support critical operations.

Our comprehensive support includes managing network problems, handling change requests, performing patching, and managing all moves, adds, and changes. We specialize in remote access changes, such as VPN and Citrix adjustments, firewall modifications, load balancer tweaks, and the addition of network switches, ensuring that the network remains secure and efficient.

Utilizing Cisco’s Identity Services Engine (ISE), Citrix Remote Access, and Cisco Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies, our VDI and Network Engineering services provide a smooth and secure user experience. We have also implemented a robust 10 GBPS WAN/LAN infrastructure, guaranteeing a high-performance network environment.

With round-the-clock access management support for 2,600 active directory accounts, we ensure that HRSA’s team has secure and reliable access to essential resources. Additionally, our Identity and Access Management integration extends to local Active Directory, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS cloud, streamlining access across cloud platforms and enhancing security throughout the HRSA organization.

Zolon is dedicated to empowering HRSA with reliable, secure, and high-performance network solutions, ensuring that their operations run smoothly and efficiently.


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