Institute of Museum and Library Services

Zolon is providing Operations and Maintenance services for all IMLS-owned web applications. We offer Help Desk support for the IMLS staff, grantees, and other application users. Our expertise extends to IT Modernization and Transformation, ensuring systems are up-to-date and efficient. We also excel in developing new modules and systems as the need arises, ensuring that technology stays ahead of the curve.

In addition to these core services, we provide related services on Market Research, Design, Planning, Business/Data Analyses, and Quality Assurance. Working closely with the IMLS customer we support Project Management, Business System Analysis, User Experience (UX) Research and Design, and Help Desk Support for IMLS staff and grant applicants.

We manage the IMLS Public Website (, the IMLS Intranet, The HUB (HUB), the Public Libraries Survey (PLS), the State Program Reporting (SPR) system, and the Information Literacy Website (InfoLit). We also develop new web components, services, and systems as needed to meet evolving needs.

Zolon expertise extends to AWS cloud hosting, ensuring that systems such as, PLS, SPR, InfoLit, the Data Warehouse, and the AI/ML First Check Tool (Grant application/applicant eligibility) are hosted securely and efficiently. We also provide operation and maintenance support for IMLS Network components and services hosted in the MS Azure Cloud, ensuring that systems are always up and running smoothly.

With our focus on Quality Assurance, Data Strategy/Architecture/Analysis/Management, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation, and IT Security compliance, we ensure systems are not only functional but also secure and efficient. Zolon is working closely with the IMLS customer to deliver quality and efficiency.


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