Zolon Revolutionizes Publishing Processes for the Library of Congress with ServiceNow’s Low-Code AppEngine

Zolon has partnered with the Library of Congress to develop the PrePub Book Link (PPBL) application, a cutting-edge case management system built on ServiceNow’s Low-Code AppEngine. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates publisher liaisons, library catalogers, and partner catalogers, revolutionizing how publishing requests are managed.

The PPBL application developed by Zolon empowers users to submit publishing requests, facilitate review processes, request additional information, and make informed decisions with ease. Zolon’s development efforts spanned various ServiceNow components, including workflows, business rules, client scripts, UI policies, and access lists, ensuring a robust and efficient system.

To enhance user experience and accessibility, Zolon leveraged ServiceNow Service Portals and MID servers as integral components of the PPBL application. The use of programming languages like JavaScript, Angular JS, and Glide Script allowed Zolon to customize the application to meet the specific needs of the Library of Congress and its users.

With a user base of approximately 30,000 individuals, including 19,000 external users, the PPBL application has significantly streamlined publishing processes, improved collaboration, and empowered efficient decision-making within the Library of Congress. Zolon continues to innovate and drive success for our clients, delivering transformative solutions with ServiceNow’s Low-Code AppEngine.