Team Zolon supported the NGA/ST customer and managed the big data multimedia for Print On Demand (POD) map repository and developed the python scripts to keep the map repository in sync with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) site. When disasters happen and clients needed information, they requested printing services to get most current maps of the affected areas. The team in an average 3-month span processed over 7000 updates to maps. ZolonTech performed a complete recap and upgrade of the server farm, replacing 10 servers. This recap modernized of the Forward Base GEOINT (FBG) lithographic system for the customer included web, graphics (Regional Orthographic Files), multimedia, and developers to upgrade code for Unix scripts. This upgrade increased the download speed of digitized land maps from 20-24 hours to 15-20 minutes.

Zolon supported DIA and NGA with the modernization and recapitalization of the Defense Intelligence Analysis Advanced Imagery Reproduction System (DAIRS). This modernization updated all components websites, AIS websites and all associated databases for each website. The effort also included scanning of film images, digitalized, and transferred to a database, and uploaded into the AWS cloud for storage and retrieval.

Zolon was direct Data Transfer Officers supporting high to low and low to high data transfers across the NGA enterprise.

Through our work we replaced out of date systems to increase processing and download speeds for analysts, modernized of imagery to the AWS cloud and DTO support for the NGA enterprise users.


Hardware recap
Data Transfer Officers