Our Zolon NSE team is at the forefront of driving innovation and modernization efforts at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). By providing agile and DevSecOps engineering services, we are supporting NGA in modernizing product lines across the Integrated Program Office for Needs and Collection Management (IPC) and the Sensor Integration Office, with a particular focus on the Operating Ecosystem (OE).

One of our key contributions has been the development of the IPC Technology Strategy document, which serves as a comprehensive guide for development, cloud architecture, data management, and DevSecOps for the entire office. Within the OE, we are leading, architecting, engineering, and deploying seven different projects, each aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

One such project is the Human & Machine Feedback (HMF) initiative, which aggregates user feedback, logs, and other OE data sources into a data lake for raw data and a data warehouse for clean, structured data. This data is then processed through various pipelines and compute stages to generate metrics, weightings, and embeddings for a wide variety of resources. Through effective monitoring and analytics frameworks, we are ensuring high levels of confidence, utility, availability, and responsiveness, enabling rapid interpretation of metrics and informed decision-making.

Another important project is the Request-Task Profile (RTP), which allows for the creation of schemas and conversion to various formats, such as JSON-Schema, XSD, and Avro. These schemas are used for rendering forms and other GUIs for users to order data, products, and missions, as well as transforming requests into machine-readable inputs for dynamically generated workflows of microservices.

Additionally, our Asset Profile Manager (APM) project is revolutionizing resource discovery and workflow planning through graph algorithms, AI/ML, and decoupled logic. This ensures meticulous planning and execution of dynamic workflows, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

The foundation laid by projects like HMF, RTP, and APM will enable us to further enhance and modernize agency mission workflows through self-service, partial-service, and full-service machine learning modes. Our focus on optimizing the interplay between data, technology, human expertise, and machine capabilities positions us as a key partner in supporting NGA’s ongoing improvement and optimization of mission value.


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