Social Security Administration

Zolon and the Social Security Administration collaborated to oversee an exceptional IT infrastructure processing over $80 million transactions daily, facilitating annual payments of $146.6 billion. Our support extended nationwide, empowering more than 80,000 Federal and State employees across 1,500 offices within the SSA’s workforce.

During this collaboration, Zolon specialized in improving and modernizing application hardware and software, redefining requirements to elevate performance. Our expertise in application development and modernization involved robust EPA code, utilizing J2SE and J2EE languages, and maintaining the highest coding standards for mainframe environments. We harnessed the power of Java and JavaScript languages to ensure continuous updates to the Outage database/HPSM, meticulously managing the life-cycle of critical application problem management records documented in CAPRS.

The SSA EPA web application received unparalleled support from Zolon’s Senior Java/J2EE Developers, who brought expertise in Java v8/J2EE, JDBC, Spring, and Struts. EPA was a cutting-edge enterprise print solution that unified mainframe and host-based print functionality throughout the agency.


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