Department of Homeland Security/ Transportation Security Administration

Zolon Supports PerSec in Maintaining Security Files for TSA Employees

The Office of Personnel Security (PerSec) plays a critical role in TSA, maintaining security files for all federal and contractor employees. These files contain vital information from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) investigations, along with related documents regarding background investigations and security and suitability determinations. ZTI is proud to support PerSec by providing document conversion services, including scanning/digital conversion of all current security files maintained at TSA and those archived at the Federal Records Center in Suitland, Maryland. Additionally, Zolon assists PerSec in the secure destruction of these files, ensuring compliance with security protocols.

Zolons comprehensive support extends to providing Business Operations, Components & Peripherals, Data Management/Administration, Document & Content Management, and Scanning/Imaging Equipment. These resources enable PerSec to effectively meet the mission and objectives of TSA, ensuring the security and efficiency of operations.