Zolon working with the Department of Agriculture’s supported the ITIL process integration and service optimization solutions, crafted to enhance your organization’s performance.

Zolon provided help desk support to cover various channels – phone, e-mail, fax, regular mail, and a streamlined ticketing system. Count on us for prompt and efficient assistance.
Built the ITIL Gap Assessment, we meticulously analyzed operations, leading to strategic recommendations. The outcome? A remarkable reduction in the ticket backlog/queue from 2500+ to less than 250 within just three months. Our staffing expertise lies in optimizing staff allocation across a 12×5 schedule, ensuring reliable and swift support.

Ground truth with our daily triaging of all help desk ticket requests. This proactive approach minimizes disruptions to your operations, addressing urgent issues promptly.
Zolon and the Department of Agriculture, we value our staff’s dedication. Our incentives for meeting SLAs (Service Level Agreements) foster a culture of excellence and commitment.

We delivered impressive results with a 30% reduction in staffing needs and a 45% increase in customer satisfaction. Our focus on optimizing resolution time ensures a content customer experience.


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Help Desk 12×5