Pioneering Digital Frontiers for the Defense Media Activity

Client Overview:

Zolon has been pivotal in transforming the Defense Media Activity (DMA), a vital entity dedicated to providing a range of multimedia services to the Department of Defense. DMA is renowned for its comprehensive support across all military services, ensuring global access to vital news and information.

Project Background and Objectives:

The contract focused on the Web Enterprise Business Services, aiming to enhance public web hosting and integrated services for all DoD components. This ambitious project was designed to not only host standard websites but also offer an array of optional services for federal and defense units to optimize their public information dissemination.

Services Provided:

Zolon expertise spanned cloud commodity, program management, Akamai Distribution, software development, and more. The scope included everything from migration operations and security to creative services, aiming for a best-in-class Web Enterprise Business operations center.

Solution Implemented:

A key solution was the high-performance, worldwide content distribution network (CDN) coupled with Amazon Web Services (AWS)/Microsoft Azure Cloud commodities. This dual approach guaranteed robust, scalable web hosting solutions that met the diverse needs of the Department of Defense’s public web presence.

Challenges Overcome:

One significant challenge was integrating such a vast array of services and technologies while ensuring compliance with DoD’s stringent security and operational standards. Zolon team adeptly navigated these complexities, delivering a seamless and secure web hosting environment.

Results and Impact:

The project dramatically enhanced the DMA’s ability to host and manage over 1,000 .mil websites, significantly improving operational efficiency, security, and the ability to disseminate vital information globally.

Conclusion and Future Outlook:

Zolon contributions have set a new benchmark in military web services, with ongoing plans to further expand and refine these digital platforms to meet the evolving needs of the Department of Defense.

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