Securing America‘s Presidential Legacy: NARA’s Digital Transformation

Client Overview:

Zolon is collaborating with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), an essential U.S. government agency tasked with preserving historical records, including the Presidential Electronic Records Library (PERL).

Project Background and Objectives:

This project focuses on operational and maintenance support for PERL, including migrating unclassified environments to AWS and modernizing classified systems. The initiative aims to ensure DOD compliance, enhance search capabilities, and provide scalable solutions for future presidential records.

Services Provided:

Zolon proposed a unified approach using Dell PowerScale Technology for clustering applications and advised transitioning to ZyLAB for improved search functionality, offering significant cost savings and operational efficiency.

Solution Implemented:

The transition from Oracle to ZyLAB for text search and the implementation of Dell PowerScale technology are pivotal. These changes not only reduce costs by eliminating Oracle licensing fees but also improve search efficiency and ensure the system’s future scalability with up to 50PB of data storage.

Challenges Overcome:

Key challenges included scheduling access to the SCIF for hardware installations and navigating the migration of critical data to cloud environments. Through strategic coordination and expertise, Zolon Tech Inc. successfully addressed these challenges.

Results and Impact:

The project modernizes PERL’s infrastructure, ensuring it meets current DOD standards and is prepared for future expansions. The migration of the unclassified system to AWS has already shown significant progress, with classified system updates to follow.

Conclusion and Future Outlook:

Zolon is committed to continuing top-level support for NARA, focusing on improving data and record management systems for enduring access to America’s presidential history.

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