Supporting Our Veterans

You did your part, now we’ll do ours

At Zolon Tech, we firmly believe that honoring and supporting our veterans is not just a duty but a privilege. We recognize the sacrifices you have made to protect the values we hold dear, and we are determined to repay your selfless acts.

Continue Your Service

We recognize that the skills acquired during military service are invaluable assets that can greatly benefit various sectors and industries. We firmly believe in harnessing the tremendous potential of veterans like yourself and creating opportunities that allow you to continue making meaningful contributions to society. We want you to know that your skills and experiences are highly valued and sought after. We are committed to creating opportunities that recognize and utilize your talents effectively. We actively seek to match your skillset with the right roles and connect you with organizations that appreciate the unique qualities you bring to the table. Our goal is to empower you to achieve continued success and fulfillment beyond your military service.

The Zolon Tech Advantage

Zolon Tech works with the Hiring our Heroes Fellowship programs to better help veterans and those connected to them find meaningful employment. From the internship program to the industry-focused program, we offer useful exposure to a real working environment.

Hands On Experience

Fellows will continue to contribute to the workforce by working on hands-on projects at real, reputable companies

Professional Training

Fellows will be placed through on-the-job training where they can learn and apply new skills


Through personalized programs, fellows have the opportunity to earn different certificates that makes them more valuable

Build Your Skills

Through job training and engagement with different individuals, fellows can gain valuable skills

Industry Recognized Training

Fellows are able to receive reputable training that can be used and applied in other jobs and fields

Fast Track Pathway

Fellows are able to meet a lot of new people quickly, building many connections that can help your career grow

Our Trusted Partners

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