Artificial Intelligence

AI is not a discrete solution area but a technique that allows us to develop a new range of solutions in a variety of fields, from big data and cybersecurity to IT operations and customer service

Traditional automation can only go so far before hitting its natural limits: Its own programming.

However well-designed automation solutions might be, they can only carry out operations as originally intended by their human programmers. Artificial intelligence (AI) breaks that barrier. An AI engine makes it possible for systems to learn as they go—to continuously gather and analyze data on operations and outcomes and to devise new ways to drive improvements. AI is not a solution in and of itself—it is a new way of approaching a problem, one in which the initial solution will continue to evolve.

Our Solution Areas

Zolon Tech is leveraging the latest generation of AI technology to build a new class of solutions for its customers, with a focus on raising the level of performance, efficiency, and security of the IT enterprise. Solutions include:

Customer service

Today’s AI-based platforms are capable of handling customer interactions with more ease and intelligence than ever before, serving as true force-multipliers for customer service operations.


Machine learning makes it possible for Zolon Tech’s AI-based Enterprise Immune System technology to detect previously unknown threats that elude even the best traditional cybersecurity tools—and the best human cyber experts.

IT operations

Machine learning tools, tailored to understand business and application context, offer deep insight into the current state of IT operations and provides recommendations for optimization.

Service desks

Cognitive virtual agents can remedy Tier I-III trouble tickets, providing quick and efficient resolutions for end-users, while freeing up IT staff to focus on more complex problems.

The Zolon Tech Advantage

Other companies focus on out-of-the-box AI solutions, essentially offering intelligent appliances geared toward solving discrete problems. Zolon Tech goes beyond that. We approach AI as a technique that can be applied across multiple fields, providing a new way to think about previously intractable problems. Our technology experts work with our program managers to identify areas where AI could make a difference. While AI is one of our core capabilities, it also augments the solutions we develop based on our other areas of expertise, including big data, cybersecurity, and data center services. Our customers see the difference:

Applied intelligence. Our solutions are not developed in a vacuum, but rather tailored to meet our customers’ most pressing problems.

Integrated solutions. We leverage AI as part of broader solutions, drawing on the full range of our core capabilities.

Continuous improvement. Our AI platforms are designed to integrate quickly into a customer’s environment—but also to learn and improve over time.

Data Integrity. Our approach ensures the secure processing of all structured and unstructured data from images and text to video for deeper insights.


Partners in Innovation

“...Agencies are tremendously interested in AI and other emerging technologies - not because they are the latest fad, but because people recognize the potential to transform and simplify the way Americans interact with their government.”

Source: Keith Nakasone, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Acquisition Operations, Office of Information Technology Category (ITC), GSA 

Through our Centers of Excellence, Zolon Tech has partnered with innovative companies to develop AI-based approaches to address critical issues in IT management and security. Here are three key examples:

  • Cloud Fabrix
    Its microservices platform, combined with machine-learning, provides in-depth management and governance of the entire IT stack—a key capability when it comes to modernizing the infrastructure.
  • Darktrace
    Its platform combines machines learning and AI to gather and analyze data from across all networks and devices, taking into account multiple weak indicators to form a compelling picture of overall threat.
  • IPsoft
    Its cognitive agent platform incorporates a new generation of natural language processing, which increases the odds that tasks can be handled automatically, rather than reverting to manual processes.

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