Cloud Solutions

Our Everything-as-a-Service approach to IT offers organizations an approach not just to modernize their IT infrastructure to enable that infrastructure to continually evolve as operational and mission requirements evolve

Cloud computing is the foundation for improving the flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness of IT operations and services.

It’s not a change in technology—it’s a change in mentality. In the traditional approach, agencies have bought and managed systems that, however effective in the beginning, eventually fail to keep up with changing requirements and require significant new hardware and software investments. The cloud provides another path. Rather than buying a system, an organization buys a service—with the ability to extend or adapt those services as requirements evolve.

Our Solution Areas

Zolon Tech’s Everything as a Service (XaaS) approach provides a cost-effective, functional, and low-risk environment to meet our customers’ mission needs and requirements. Rather than investing energy in long and costly development lifecycles, they can focus on business and mission outcomes. Our offerings—available in the public, private, and hybrid cloud–include:


Our Infrastructure as a Service provides clients with self-service models for accessing, monitoring and managing remote datacenter infrastructures, such as compute, data storage, system networking and networking allied services.


Our Platform as a Service is used for application development through the provision of cloud components to software. Our PaaS provides a framework for developers to build upon in developing or customizing applications.


Our Software as a Service solutions use the Internet to deliver applications with an interface accessible on our clients’ side. This web delivery model streamlines application maintenance and support by minimizing the infrastructure required to support the applications.


Our Biometrics as a Service offering provides clients with the ability to roll out and scale up biometric-based security solutions as a central service, rather than developing new solutions on a system-by-system basis—with the result that services can be deployed more quickly and cost-effectively.

The Zolon Tech Advantage

Not all XaaS offerings are equal. The advantage of the as-a-Service approach is often diminished when organizations find themselves working with bare-bone services and low-quality tools. At Zolon Tech, we have developed a broad suite of job-specific apps and tools for developing, optimizing, and deploying new services. Zolon Tech delivers:

Reduced capital expenses. .Rather than buying too little or too much system bandwidth, our customers pay for only the resources they consume.

Better economies of scale. By leveraging the aggregated demands of thousands of customers, we are able to offer customers lower costs.

Increased speed and agility. You can rapidly spin up resources, making it possible to experiment, test and deploy solutions much faster.

Lower costs. Cloud computing allows you to focus on your customers and mission rather than the heavy lifting of racking, stacking and powering servers


Everything as a Service

“Agencies should also emphasize reprioritizing funds and should consider ‘cut and invest’ strategies that reallocate funding from obsolete legacy IT systems to modern technologies, cloud solutions…”

Source: The Report on Federal IT Modernization

Cloud, as a platform for individual applications or data sets, has clear benefits, making it easier to extend information and service to a wide range of users. But the path toward digital transformation requires a different approach—creating a cloud-based enterprise in which individual services can be developed and scaled up quickly and efficiently. This Everything as a Service framework enables organizations to move beyond one-off modernization initiatives and instead continually transform.

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